When there is a story, the present is guaranteed by experience, by knowledge, by a skill that has developed over the years. By solidity, that can be seen in all of the “Lirussi&Gobessi” creations of the past and of today. It is 1949. With the spirit of enterprise, Aldo Lirussi and Mario Gobessi, found their own workshop. They are two good carpenters who actually know how to work wood and who understand the needs of a clientele that is emerging in those years. At the beginning, the laboratory is mainly busy in the construction of cold rooms and bar counters for restaurants and for communities. This phase allows them to go into depth in the technical aspects and job order management related to the final product that will be essential in the turning point years in the ‘60s, also in relation to the development of residential architecture in Udine, of the emergence of designers who have a new approach to constructing and seeking artisans capable of interpreting the customer’s wishes and the ideas of the designer. From the predominant collaboration with a well-known architect from Udine, “Lirussi&Gobessi” is dedicated to the creation of complements first and later of real, genuine furnishings that conquer entrepreneurs and professionals of the city, demanding in quality and aesthetics. The employees, in what has become a company, are thirty: requests come in from across the region, as for the Godina shops in Trieste, up to Capri where “Lirussi&Gobessi” sign the furnishings of a prestigious resort.


The uniqueness of each project as a value, the concept of furniture integrated in architecture will emphasize starting in 1978, a year of breakthrough, when Giorgio Gobessi, the son of Mario, begins guiding the company. An architect, represents the expression, and therefore the synthesis of a person who knows the secrets of the carpentry craft as well as a design education. And in fact, with the arrival of Giorgio, the company provides itself with an interior design office in order to follow all the phases of the product development directly based on an analysis of customer expectations and supporting architects outsourcers in the translation of the sign concerned, having as objective the applicability of the idea. This is done through the choice of materials and technical evaluation that relies on an extensive case-study. A rigorous work method, the constant pursuit of perfection and attention to detail are part of this new mindset and philosophy: the “Lirussi&Gobessi” brand is defined this way and becomes synonymous with top placement and a reference point for architects from Udine. The specialisation and the generational change in the 90’s determine a selection of employees, who are twelve: all selected technicians, great experts of manufacturing processes and of materials from precious wood to metal. “Lirussi&Gobessi” tackles increasingly complex turn-key works in the field of Interior and structural design where the most important results are created by new challenges.