Values that become reality

Love for beauty, attention to detail and refined style are what make “Lirussi & Gobessi” a leading brand for those who want unique pieces whose value will increase over the years, knowing that each piece of work is the result of a careful study of clients’ expectations. It is an artisan company that was created and developed to meet specific needs with innovative projects producing custom-made, unique and exclusive pieces that personalise every room. “Lirussi & Gobessi” solutions reflect the values of the company – reliability, passion, commitment and stability. “Lirussi & Gobessi” becomes a synonym for experience, expertise and competence, which were developed over the years and transferred to the items of furniture manufactured. The attention to detail combined with the ongoing quest for perfection are the phases of a process which starts off with design reflecting clients’ needs, and progresses with the creation of the product alongside customer service. This has become a vocation that has motivated a team whose objective is to provide a high quality service enabling the creation of exclusive artisan pieces.