In private residences, professional offices, directional, catering or commercial facilities: “Lirussi&Gobessi” solutions are present where the furniture is called to perform a function that is not only an aesthetic one, but a true creation of spaces and the best way to enjoy them. Solutions that look at interior design as a complete set of elements ranging from real furniture, to floors, walls, doors and windows. A turn-key approach that assumes the control and the ability to manage all phases of implementation, including logistics, assembly and testing, assistance. The corporate team, constantly updated on industry regulations, takes care of all aspects of the project, including those relating to the lighting system. And answers are always concrete, targeted to optimise investments, customised because every space is different from another: the people that will live in them or that will attend them to work are different, because any designer’s ideas are exclusive. In any case, the works of “Lirussi&Gobessi” are appreciated by those who love beauty and art, by those who know that their value will increase over time.